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Little Reservation Station


Sherwood's new playground is finally here and working quite well as many of the area children have taken it for a spin. The playground, named Little Reservation Station, was a dream in 2007. After collecting more than $46,000 in donations from various organizations, individuals and a number of fund raisers, community members met May 17th & 18th of 2008 to erect the new playground.

Much of the site work had been done in earlier weeks in preparation for the Reservation Station. Volunteers gathered together over the two day build and installed the play sets. There still are several items to be put on the site of the new playground, including two shelter houses, a Port-a-Pot and some lights.

Well from the looks of the pictures below, it looks like all did a swell job. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this a great place to call "My Hometown".





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